AOC – a french gourmet restaurant in New York


Hi there! If you love French food like me (as I’m French I guess it’s almost in my DNA), sometimes it’s calling you and there is nothing you can do about it ! So if you too are nostalgic and looking for a  delicious French restaurant, please have a sit at AOC, in Greenwich Village!

Why should you give AOC restaurant a try ?

Let’s talk about the elegant ambiance first: the neighborhood is super cute with all the little shops, you won’t believe you’re in New York anymore but in a small European town. The restaurant itself is also really nice with its French bistro atmosphere and its tiles. Its terrace is the best place to enjoy a long break on summer days! And of course let’s not forget the delicious dishes! Personally I ordered Le Confit de Canard (a real treat when you haven’t eaten some for months) with its Cognac sauce, and I took the chocolate soufflé for dessert. This last one was both light but concentrated in chocolate if you see what I mean!

Prices: between $12 to $30 for the main dishes, around $10 for desserts (tips and taxes not included)!

So, are you hungry now?!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Address:314 Bleecker St (The Corner of Grove) New York, NY 10014

Réservation here

Price: $$

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