A relaxing beach in New York : Rockaway

Hi there, it’s hot in New York in the summer (and wet :S) that’s why in the series they go all the time to the beach during this period! Of course in the series they are going to their big amazing houses in the Hamptons, but if you cannot afford it, like me I must say, you still can enjoy New York’s beaches, and the best thing is, you can go there using the subway, and visit Rockaway Beach!

I tried other beaches in New York, like Coney Island, but as you will see, the atmosphere is quite different. Here at Rockaway it really is sea, relax and sun!

It takes about 1:45 to get there, starting from the Upper West, where I used to live. Just take the A linetowards the airport, and Rockaway! When you arrive at the Broad Channel stop (and normally everyone goes out of the subway), I recommend you get off as well to take the S line and go to the “Rockaway Park Beach” terminal! After this little subway adventure, it’s time to soak up the sun for hours, and of course don’t forget your sun cream!

And what else can I say? It’s so nice to go to the beach using a subway right?

Boujou (the Noman way to say XOXO)

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