A day in Etretat

Hi there, you must have heard about Etretat, and now we’ll tell you why you need to go and discover it with your own eyes! Etretat is a Norman seaside resort, where pebble beach and white cliffs form a wonderful site. Erosion has crafted the famous arch in the chalk as well as the needle-like structure, known in French as an Aiguille.

If these two sounds familiar today, it’s because they inspired many artists, particularly impressionist painters as Claude Monet or Eugene Boudin.

Staying an entire day in Etretat is great to enjoy the whole city, the beach and the extraordinary landscapes, which will reveal different faces as you go through the day. Whether in summer or winter the amazement is guaranteed (even on a rainy day, which makes it even more cliché)! On both sides of the beach, cliffs and hiking are impressive. On the heights east of the resort, stands out the Notre-Dame de la Garde Chapel, built by sailors in honor of Virgin Mary. On the west side, you must take the path that leads to the top: this is THE ride you shouldn’t miss with its breathtaking views of the cliffs! And note that, if the tide allows it, you can have a walk at the bottom of the cliffs where the view is definitely worth it too! Finally, the city itself is full of charm, and a walk in the center, around the Notre-Dame church, is also very nice.

So are you ready ? Etretat, this little Norman jewel is waiting for you !!!

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