A customized look for your phone with Dealer de Coque !

Hey, would you also like to have a protection shell for your phone that is 100% customized and made in Normandy? It’s easy to get (and cheap), and I’m pleased to introduce you to Louis and his brand Dealer de Coque !!!

It will only cost you €24.99 to get a silicone shell like mine (which is really solid, my phone already survived some falls :S) as well as a protective glass. I also had the chance to get a private tour of the office by Louis Haincourt, the founder of the brand, and got to know more about the manufacturing process and the brand history. His name might sound familiar to you as Louis had many interviews about him: indeed, he is the youngest french entrepreneur as he launched Dealer de Coque when he was 16 years old.

Discover Dealer de Coque here :

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