Le Vauban Restaurant in Port-en-Bessin

Hi there, looking for a good seafood restaurant? This post is for you! I’m sharing today an amazing place in Port-en-Bessin, a city built around a fishing port (I already talk about it here)!

Le Vauban Restaurant is simply stunning thanks to the quality and freshness of its products! We opted for the € 27.90 Garni menu (Appetizer-Entree-Dessert) and tested the following meal: as appetizers, the seafood plate (that would have also been enough as a main course as it was as generous as it could be) and fish soup (with croutons and gruyere cheese of course), as entrees we went for the fish, with salmon and grilled brill (and their delicious white butter sauce), and to conclude this perfect lunch … profiteroles and chocolate cream (just to feel light the rest of the day)!

Bon appétit !

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