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Benoît – Alain Ducasse’s authentic bistro

Hi there! Gourmets as I am, Ijust couldn’t miss the restaurant week in NYC and decided to go to Benoît, French chef Alain Ducasse’s authentic bistro. The place looks really nice and familiar. Ifelt like I was back in Paris for few hours, in a crowded bistro of the Belle Époque!

But let’s talk about more serious things: the FOOD! Don’t expect a super sophisticated French cuisine. Indeed, all plates are classic bistro dishes, meaning they are well executed with good ingredients without being snobbish.

For starters, I took the Quiche Lorraine and it was delicious! The filling was still wet and creamy as it should be (it can easily turn dry when overcooked) and the soft flaky and buttery crust was the perfect wingman to enjoy this quiche. Then we chose the Grenobloise-style skatewing. Again, perfection! The fish was well cooked with a butter sauce (as we love it), as well as vegetables and mashed potatoes. Finally, a leisurely 1 hour later, I ended with dessert: a mango-pistachio Religieuse, this mouthwatering choux pastry was delightful, not too heavy to digest as some creamy desserts can be! But let’s just say that as I’m a Norman with a good appetite, it could have been a bit bigger !

Infos :

Address: Benoit, West 55th Street, New York

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