Arromanches and Port en Bessin are even better under wind and sea foam !

As we decided to visit Arromanches and Port en Bessin, let’s just say the weather was kind of exceptional (Lucky for us it wasn’t raining, but that’s not the point here!) because of a strong wind coming from the north and a very impressive tide! These two towns are located between countryside and sea in the heart of the Normandy landing beaches!

From the cliffs, you can admire the stunning views of Arromanches and the remains of the artificial harbor. Little historical update: this one is named Mulberry harbor, and was brought from the south of England after the landing to give supplies to allied troops. As you probably understood, the weather didn’t allow us to set foot on the beach, where at low tide it’s possible to come closer to the remains of the artificial harbor. It will be for another time!

Let’s set off on the road again to go in Port en Bessin, a few kilometers away. The town is the ideal place to take a good breath of fresh air, getting lost in the narrow streets and small shops and to live to the rhythm of fishermen! You definitely have to walk along the dike before leaving Port en Bessin! At any time, during any weather !

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